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Find the perfect spot for breakfast, light lunch or decadent dinner.

Experience unforgettable culinary delights in an elegant atmosphere combined with the long and successful tradition of our hotel. Villa de Loulia offers excellent cuisine and invites guests to share time with us on the table and taste the typical Greek food from the kitchen of our home.

We have preserved the recipes from our origins for years; today we keep the tradition going through the new generation. Our mission is to carry and share the exquisite and delicious typical taste of our recipes with our guests.

Surround yourself within calming interiors, relax into comfortable chairs and let our menus delight and intrigue your senses. You will taste Greek authentic flavors from the Island of Corfu prepared with the freshest of local produce.

Villa de Loulia is the perfect spot for a relaxing breakfast, light lunch or decadent dinner.

Open your eyes to the flavors and scents of the morning and discover Greek gastronomy at Villa de Loulia’s breakfast options. Guests and travelers may experience homemade, island-inspired breakfast favorites and start their day with a healthy, Greek breakfast. An enticingly light and airy setting serving a sumptuous Greek breakfast every morning with an innovative, locally-sourced, farm-fresh menu. All happiness depends on a leisurely authentic Greek breakfast. It is always the best time for something juicy and fresh – it just feels like the right way to open the day.
The Bar
While away the hours with a refreshing cocktail in hand, while sunbathing or relaxing at the pool bar. Savor the moment, relish the flavors and make the most of every last drop as it melts in your mouth.
Dining is an experience here, not simply a meal. All you have to do is ask. At the restaurant of Villa de Loulia, guests will discover Greek gastronomy that brings authenticity, simplicity and luxury to their plates. Casual, elegant and spacious, the Restaurant is in every way a food lover’s dream with an emphasis on classic, traditional dishes. Taking influences from the beautiful countryside around us, we bring our dishes to life combining vibrant colors, bold flavors and traditional flair.
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